Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset with noise-canceling microphone, in-line volume/mute controls, and built-in external sound card and USB plug
Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset with noise-canceling microphone, in-line volume/mute controls, and built-in external sound card and USB plug
Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset with noise-canceling microphone, in-line volume/mute controls, and built-in external sound card and USB plug
Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset with noise-canceling microphone, in-line volume/mute controls, and built-in external sound card and USB plug

Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset with noise-canceling microphone, in-line volume/mute controls, and built-in external sound card and USB plug

  • Customer reviews(157)
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  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • High Fidelity Monaural USB Computer Headset with Andrea's noise canceling microphone technology and Volume/Mute Controls.
  • Pro-flex wire microphone boom for accurate microphone placement.
  • Windsock for minimal breath popping.
  • Stainless steel adjustable headband.
  • Inline volume and mute controls.
  • Reversible for left or right side usage.

High Fidelity Monaural USB Computer Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone and Volume/Mute Controls, SKU C1-102200-1. noise canceling computer headsets deliver a high fidelity audio experience with the highest voice recognition industry rating from Nuance. Andrea's USB solution bypasses your desktop or laptop computer's integrated sound system, providing increased intelligibility and performance of microphone input and stereo speaker output for all of your digital audio applications including VoIP and speech recognition programs. Enhance your USB Headset with a free download of patented audio enhancement software PureAudio Voice Solutions from our partner , LLC (not recommended for use with voice recognition software including Dragon).

Customer reviews(157)

  • ePressureCooker
  • November 17, 2015
  • I purchased this headset with a built in soundcard to use in conjunction with my Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software.

    On the positive side, I like the long cord and the fact that you can swivel the headpiece around so the single earpiece can be worn on either ear. On the negative side, the plastic piece on the other side of the head is uncomfortable and rubs painfully against the ears (at least on my head).

    Oh yeah, and the fact that I received the item on September 12th and it completely died without warning on November 12th. It didn't last 60 days. I babied these headphones, I handled them with such care, it was unbelievable. They weren't abused. I never grabbed the headset by the cord, I always pulled them off by grasping both sides of the headpiece and removing it gingerly. I never put anything on top of the headset or the cord. When not in use, the headset was placed across the top of my computer screen to keep it off the desk. I never got it wet, never yanked it, the closest thing to any abuse it ever received was one I sneezed above the microphone when I couldn't get the headset off before the sneeze happened. (The problem wasn't the microphone.) The headset was in use, working fine, when I had to get up to deal with something. I returned and the unit was dead. No sound was coming through the headset, the voice recognition software was no longer recognizing the hardware was attached to the computer. No one, not even a pet, came in the room while I was gone. It just died, and nothing I tried could get it to work again. I took a set of iPod headphones and plugged them into the computer, and the sound was working fine. Obviously, there is something wrong with the headphones, either something was loose and came out, or the soundcard was defective and died.

    I don't blame Amazon or the third seller party for this. I blame Andrea Electronics, particularly since they did everything they could to avoid replacing the defective unit. I immediately contacted them on November 12th to request a replacement under the warranty, I explained to them in great detail what happened, or didn't happen, and then they proceeded to email me questions, one at a time, for the next couple of days. Did I check the sound? I had already told them that, but I answered yes. Then I'd have to wait for the next question to come in the next email. It was clear they were trying to drag it out and make me give up, since there was no reason they couldn't ask all the questions at once, or in several emails, instead of one per email. This questioning went on for several days. Then they wanted the Amazon invoice. I sent them a PDF, got back an email, no that's the wrong invoice, we need a different invoice, we need the one they emailed you. So I sent them one of the emailed invoices from Amazon. No, that's the wrong one, there's another one that has information that we need, this one doesn't have it. So I forwarded them every single email I received from Amazon regarding this order and asked them, do any of these contain all the info you need? Because I have nothing else to send you.

    That email went ignored for a number of days. So I emailed them again this morning to ask if they needed anything else and were they going to accept the return and send me a replacement. I then received an email telling me where to send the headphones at my own expense, and I was expected to insure them, again at my own expense. I was also told that I'd have to wait for them to receive it, then I'd have to wait up to ten days for them to test the equipment and see if there was indeed in their opinion a manufacturing defect, and then, only then, if they decided that, would they send me a replacement. Basically, between the delays and the holidays, it could easily be a month before I would see a replacement. They obviously were trying to throw as many roadblocks in the way as possible to deter me.

    So I was forced to contact Amazon and ask what they could do about it. Even though I was outside the normal return period, they graciously agreed to accept the return and refund my money so I could buy a replacement product from a different manufacturer. I'm not exactly impressed with the quality of the merchandise, given how absurdly carefully I treated it and it still broke with no warning. THAT is how you treat customers who have had a product die while under warranty, not the ridiculous amount of work Andrea Electronics made me go through to return a $30 item. If you purchase this item, be aware, they've demonstrated something less than customer friendliness and cooperation, and if you have a problem they're really going to drag it out to try to make you throw up your hands and surrender.

    After reading the rest of the negative reviews, which I now wish I had done BEFORE purchasing this item, it seems obvious that a number of people have had problems with the unit dying after 2 - 3 months of use, sometimes less, and at least one other person has had difficulty with Andrea customer service, so take that into account before purchasing this headset. You do so at your own risk.
  • MargaretNC
  • December 29, 2015
  • This headset has worked well for my use of Dragon Voice over the past 1-1/2 years. However, I was disappointed that recently the sound was lost in the earphones. There doesn't seem to be any problem with voice detection, so I can continue to dictate as usual; but if I stop to listen to something I can only hear it intermittently if I pull the wire attached to the headset. I usually use the headset a few times a week or less, so I didn't expect to see problems this early.

    January 2016 update: I recently used the Andrea headset for most of the day, several days in a row while I was dictating long reports. My intermittent mild left TMJ pain flared up, and I wasn't sure why. I usually go for weeks without having soreness, and I wasn't chewing anything that was straining the jaw. The pain persisted for days until I finally realized the pressure of the left pad of the headset was digging in at the site of the mandibular joint. Yesterday I removed the headset and dictated while holding the microphone for the rest of the day. I woke without pain this morning, so the pressure of the headset must have caused the flareup. Admittedly, I have a large head circumference so this may not be a problem for others. But if you have jaw sensitivity and you are dictating for prolonged periods, try removing the headset if your TMJ gets worse out of the blue.
  • Calvin Luther Martin, PhD
  • June 28, 2015
  • I have used many of these headsets for Dragon Dictate 4.0 on my Macbook Pro (Retina), Mavericks OS. This one eclipses the rest. Not only is it better than other headsets — even more expensive headsets — but it’s as good as the Yeti Blue and Samson desktop mikes. Actually, it’s beter than the Samon desktop mikes.

    The key is to download the Andrea software for noise canceling from the Andrea website. In other words, don’t just “plug and play.” Download the noise canceling software and choose Andrea Monaural headset as your default mike in System Preferences. And you’re good to go!

    Some reviewers gripe about the over-the-head band that secures the mike to your head. Yeah, it’s a little stiff, but that’s probably a good thing. It’s not going to fall off your head. (Some people complain about trivia. The stiffness of the head-band is trivia.)

    For voice recognition software, this is superb.
  • JavaMama
  • December 30, 2017
  • I'm not sure why everyone's raving about these headphones and how great they work with Dragon. That wasn't my experience. For starters, it came packaged in only a plastic bag. In addition, there were just as many dictation issues with this mic as with my old one—even with extensive training. I finally chose a Plantronics model and have had much better luck. I ended up returning this one.
  • JoshC
  • December 6, 2017
  • I have been using this for a week or so now and the noise cancellation and voice pick-up is awesome. It is a very good mic for the price. The only thing that sucks is it is cheaply made and fits too tight to my head. There are your normal adjustments to make the arms come down longer, but it just fits like a cheap headset. But the price and quality of audio pick up balances this out!
  • Law B.
  • March 30, 2016
  • I bought the headphone to use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking as it was supposed to be compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13. I was previously using the microphone built into my laptop which properly transcribed about 98% of my dictation. With the Andrea monorail headset the transcription accuracy has dropped to between 75 and 80% and it is very frustrating. It not only provides completely erroneous and absurd transcriptions but misses words completely. It is very frustrating and time-consuming to have to proofread each line as it is being dictated and defeats the purpose of the dictation/transcription software. I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking for many years now. I previously used the microphone that came with the software however this time I purchased the software online for downloading so a microphone was not included. I regret purchasing this microphone rather than going back to Dragon to purchase their microphone