ROCCAT SYVA High Performance In-Ear Gaming Headset, Black ROC-14-100
ROCCAT SYVA High Performance In-Ear Gaming Headset, Black ROC-14-100
ROCCAT SYVA High Performance In-Ear Gaming Headset, Black ROC-14-100
ROCCAT SYVA High Performance In-Ear Gaming Headset, Black ROC-14-100

ROCCAT SYVA High Performance In-Ear Gaming Headset, Black ROC-14-100

  • Customer reviews(40)
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  • TOP CLASS AUDIO - with deep bass and crisp trebles
  • ULTRA LOW IN WEIGHT - easy to wear for extended periods
  • IN-CABLE MICROPHONE - for voice chat with enhanced clarity
  • PREMIUM COMFORT - thanks to three ergonomic ear tip sizes
  • IN-CABLE REMOTE- for on-the-fly control over your audio
  • STYLISH RIBBON CABLE - ROCCAT-colored cable resists tangles

The Syva - High Performance In-ear Headset is the result of the exceptional style and quality is renowned for. If you're a smartphone- or notebook-user, an avid music listener and an out-and-out hardcore gamer, the Syva's got your back - delivering top class audio in every case. TOP CLASS AUDIO It's streamlined, discrete and low in weight - but it packs one hell of a punch. With high quality 10mm speaker units in each ear bud, the Syva delivers exceptionally top class audio with deep bass and crisp trebles - ideal for those who want to experience 's remarkable audio quality away not only on their PC.ULTRA LOW WEIGHT The rubberized ergonomic earplugs remain securely in place even during tense gaming situations. The special design allows them to adapt to the individual shape of each ear - which ensures they remain comfortable to wear for many hours. The carefully selected, high quality materials also ensure that the headset will stay looking as good as the day you bought it.IN-CABLE MIC The Syva's Omni-directional microphone is integrated into the stylish, tangle-resistant -colored ribbon cable. Featuring a call/play button and noise-canceling technology, the Syva blocks out background noise for voice chat with enhanced clarity, whether you're issuing in-game commands or talking to your buddies.

Customer reviews(40)

  • Eva Shipp
  • December 29, 2016
  • I bought these thinking I would use them as headphones mainly beacuse I am a twitch streamer and wanted something that wasn't bulky on my head.
    *I can't plug them into any plug without static feedback
    *They are REALLY tinny sounding
    *I used them for less than a week and had broken up audio, on my end and ONLY in these headphones, others didn't do it.
    They are NOT worth the asking price, I can go to the Dollar store and get a better sounding set of headphones. They also don't tell you unless you have an spitter adapter that you don't get the microphone/headphone function on a PC. They are strictly headphone without the splitter adapter, but they still have the audio static feedback.
  • Willett
  • May 22, 2018
  • I originally bought these headphones for gaming during the summer months, my over the ear ones make my ears sweat to much. After opening the package(which was nicely done) it comes with extra earbuds tips. The feel of them are nicely done and seem to have metal by the tips of them so it keeps the ears very cool. Sound on them is amazing! The one worry I had was the mic wasn't going to be good quality but after using it on discord and Overwatch in game audio chat, I asked my brother if he noticed my mic sounding worse and he said actually the mic sounds clearer vs my 60 dollar stand alone mic. All in all i am very impressed with these headphones. Only complaint, I wish there was a bag for the headphones but for 13.00 I cant complain.... Ill just buy a small carrying case.

    Well done Roccat.

    This is my second product from Roccat and the Roccat sova is my gaming couch keyboard.
  • Scott
  • August 24, 2017
  • A nice pair of in-ear headphones that I use regularly to talk on the phone when my hands or busy and to communicate on PS4. Audio fidelity is great and voices over the phone come in clear. I have not had the issues with the microphone after a few months of owning these headphones...and the microphone quality I have not had any complaints about. Overall a solid purchase!
  • Mike Padilla
  • May 29, 2018
  • Product is exactly as advertised. Comfort is standard for earbuds of this style. Sound quality is great for price point.
    NOTE: 4/5 starts given due to the mic control being on the left ear bud wire, standard seems to be on the right ear bud wire. Not a big issue but good to know before buying if that might bother you and you cant really tell by the pictures which side its on.
  • A.L
  • February 4, 2017
  • Awesome earphones! I love these much better than my turtle beaches when play games on Xbox.
  • Mike P.
  • February 5, 2016
  • Best earbuds with mic that i've owned. Also, comes with small, med, and large rubber caps for the buds.
  • Customer
  • April 5, 2016
  • Sound is good. But awful quality. After 5 weeks one of plugs is not working any more.
    We can't get rebound because return is only withing 30 days.
  • V. A. Jacob
  • April 25, 2017
  • Excellent pair of headphones - although I am not a really a gamer anymore I can see how these would be could for games however for that purpose I think that the cable length should be doubled.
    I currently use these for my desktop when I need to work or rather than use my speakers and they work for that purpose excellent.
    The seller is fantastic and shipped them out fast and they were in great condition and they work perfectly as if they were a brand new pair of headphones and contained all the original packaging material