OMEN by HP Mindframe PC Gaming Headset with World's First FrostCap Active Cooling Technology (black) 3XT27AA#ABB
OMEN by HP Mindframe PC Gaming Headset with World's First FrostCap Active Cooling Technology (black) 3XT27AA#ABB
OMEN by HP Mindframe PC Gaming Headset with World's First FrostCap Active Cooling Technology (black) 3XT27AA#ABB
OMEN by HP Mindframe PC Gaming Headset with World's First FrostCap Active Cooling Technology (black) 3XT27AA#ABB

OMEN by HP Mindframe PC Gaming Headset with World's First FrostCap Active Cooling Technology (black) 3XT27AA#ABB

  • Customer reviews(5)
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  • BRAND NEW AND AUTHENTIC HP: products ship from and are sold by (check above).
  • STAY COOL, COMFORTABLE AND FOCUSED: This headset features FrostCap—the world's first active earcup cooling technology—to ensure comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • 7.1 VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND: With realistic positional audio and 3D spatial awareness, you're able to accurately pinpoint every enemy footstep or suppressed shot in real time.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE RGB LIGHTING: Stand out with customizable lighting and effects on the external earcups, all controlled via OMEN Command Center.
  • SELF-ADJUSTING SUSPENSION HEADBAND: The self-adjusting headband combined with a lightweight and flexible frame will keep your head in the game for hours.
  • REAL-TIME VOICE FEEDBACK: Adjustable mic monitoring lets you hear your voice in real time through the headset speakers.
  • ATHLETICS-INSPIRED FABRIC: Earcup cushions are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric—keeping them cool and dry during extended use.
  • POWERED BY OMEN COMMAND CENTER: Control FrostCap technology and customize RGB lighting with OMEN Command Center.

Designed with comfort at the forefront, the Mind frame is the world's first headset with active ear cup cooling technology. Experience an immersive, in-game soundscape with 7. virtual surround sound.

Customer reviews(5)

  • I.B.B.
  • October 16, 2018
  • First! I have had these for a couple of days now and frankly even though I've been dreaming of a headset that will keep my ears cool for a long time I wasn't very optimistic. I have had serious flushing going whenever I play games and it gets extremely uncomfortable after about half an hour or so. So much that I started to play with a pair of earbuds and an external mic. Of course the earbuds don't have surround sound or deliver good quality audio at all and the external mic (yeti blue) has presented a whole other set of problems like people hearing my keyboard etc so I wasn't happy with the solution but I just couldn't wear headsets anymore. So when I heard that HP is going to release a headset with a new technology that has cooling ear-cups I was very excited. For weeks I kept checking if they had been released and when I finally saw them on amazon I grabbed a pair immediately.
    A few days before I got them I read a review of someone who has criticised the headset very harshly and I was honestly expecting to be let down by them. But now that I have actually used this baby I am in love with it and think they deserve every penny.

    The sound quality is great! I have used high end sennheiser, razer and steelseries headsets and also some other more budget friendly but good options like Logitech, TurtleBeach etc. I must say I don't remember any of them sounding any better, the surround works great too and they are super comfortable on your head. The most important feature ofc, the cooling, is very unusual, the inside of the cups feel cool to the touch (but do not touch your ears as the cushions are rather thick) and at first you feel a light cooling effect, which lasts a few minutes. After a few minutes you don't feel any cooling anymore but your ears stay at a normal comfortable temperature during your gaming and never warm or sweaty. They area bit heavier than the usual gaming headset due to what seems to be steel frame and of course the cooling mechanism, but I can wear these for 6 hours and not feel any kind of discomfort at all. You can adjust the cooling feature to high, medium and low, (I use them on high at the moment but it is nice to know I could turn it down for when the weather is cooler maybe) or turn it off completely through the Omen command center on the go when your headset is plugged in. Furthermore you can tweak the colors and pattern of illumination (change colors or static) on the outside cups through the same app or again, turn it off. There's a volume button on the side of the right cup which has a little display popping up on your screen to show the level and also it shows me the track playing on spotify whenever it's running on my pc. I really like that the mic is simply pushed up for muting, while on mute the mic has a red light on so you're sure its on mute, there's also a subtle beepbeep tone whenever the mic is turned on and off. To sum it all up the headset is everything I hoped it to be and more. I seriously can't find fault in this pair of headset. my only fear is there might be an issue with the cooling in the future since it's a new technology (for headsets) but there is no indication that there will be as they seem to be very well made. I highly recommend them to gamers or anyone who has to wear a headset on a regular basis and finds them uncomfortable really. I am so glad I found them. <3
  • Dave
  • October 22, 2018
  • Switching over from a set of Sennheiser HD 598s with an Antlion ModMic. While the USB functionality is a nice change, it otherwise doesn't feel like anything special. The cup depth on these is 1 and 1/8th inch vs the Sennheisers 7/8th inch, and I honestly can't even feel the frost caps unless I put my hands on the sides of the cups and push them in towards my head. Seems like a design flaw to not offer exchangeable cups and make the standard one so deep when the entire point of these is ear cooling. Otherwise the sound and audio quality pleasantly stayed on par with my old set up, save for occasional static in these when no audio is playing. Will be returning as they don't offer much up as an upgrade to my existing pair but maybe if you have larger ears you'll get to enjoy some difference.
  • Dave
  • November 17, 2018
  • Pros:
    -The sound quality is on point. Rich lows and good highs, although the mids are a little washed. That can be fixed with onboard EQ.

    -They sit comfortably on my huge head. The band is very comfortable. My ears are smaller and they fit right inside

    -The cooling tech actually works and is pretty dope. This is gonna be huge during the summer for me.

    -USB is a nice change. Sometimes, I don’t want to use the headset and use ear buds for casual stuff.

    -RGB is cool, I guess. The braided cable is great for my little monster kitties trying to bite it.


    -The microphone quality is mediocre at best. It’s clear but for the price, you’d expect more.

    -It’s build quality is mediocre as well. For the price, I’d expect less creaks.

    -The UI to enable the RGB/Cooling is good, but very basic. Wish there was an equalizer within the app or an option to enable 7.1 surround. I got Razer products so I can activate it within that UI, but again, would’ve been cool.

    -Can’t change out the cups if they get damaged or gross. That kinda sucks.

    -This product is niche, I get that, but the 200 bucks isn’t that awesome. I got it for 150, as they go on sale often. 150 is really pushing it, but acceptable.

    Overall, this product is great. I recommend it for anyone who lives in a hot environment, although I’m not sure how this will respond to humid environments as condensation may not help with the cooling. Definitley buy when it’s on sale.
  • Blake Franco
  • December 4, 2018
  • Wearing headphones for long periods of time usually makes me feel some what uncomfortable over time. The cooling feature on these answers that problem. I love this headset and would recommend to anyone who is looking for great sound, comfort and cooling. The cooling isn't just some minor thing, the metal inside actually feels like the inside of a freezer when you touch them. The Omen command center downloads instantly when you plug the USB in and is extremely user friendly. Easy lighting options and easy changes to the cooling setting. This purchase has made me want to purchase more HP OMEN gaming products.