Xprite Blue 86 LED Windshield SunShield High Intensity LED Law Enforcement Emergency Hazard Warning Strobe Lights 52018-B
Xprite Blue 86 LED Windshield SunShield High Intensity LED Law Enforcement Emergency Hazard Warning Strobe Lights 52018-B
Xprite Blue 86 LED Windshield SunShield High Intensity LED Law Enforcement Emergency Hazard Warning Strobe Lights 52018-B
Xprite Blue 86 LED Windshield SunShield High Intensity LED Law Enforcement Emergency Hazard Warning Strobe Lights 52018-B

Xprite Blue 86 LED Windshield SunShield High Intensity LED Law Enforcement Emergency Hazard Warning Strobe Lights 52018-B

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  • Xprite 86-led High Power Visor LED Strobe Light
  • INSTALLATION: Easy to install. Includes a heavy-duty straight power wire with a cigarette lighter plug and visor attachment straps at the back.
  • Panel Dimensions: 12" ( wide ) x 3.5" ( deep ) x 1" ( height ) / Cable length: ~7 FT / Number of LED: 86 / Lifepan: 50000 hours
  • With just one button to switch between 12 modes, great for undercover or to use when needed
  • 86 LEDs: 43 LED per Section, SMD 3528!; Working voltage: 12V DC; Cigarette Adapter plug


Super Bright 86 LEDs Emergency Light
100% brand new.
Color: Blue
On/Off Button
Select Pattern Button
Cigarette Adaptor plug with 7 foot long wire
Velcro visor straps
Dimensions: as show on pictures
Improve driving safety and visibility
Working at DC 12V

12 Functions:
1. Fast flashing of Left light for 5 times then Right light flash for 5 times. (Repeat continuously)
2. Fast flashing for 5 times of both Left and Right lights at the same time.
3. Fast flashing of Left for 3 times then Right for 3 times.
4. Fast flashing for 3 times of both Left and Right lights at the same time.
5. Fast flashing of Left light for 3 times then Right light flash for 3 times. (Repeat continuously)
6. Single light slow flashing.
7. Slow flashing of both Left and Right at the same time.
8. Left and Right flash for 2 times.
9. Both Left & Right flash for 5 times then both flash for 7 times.
10. Left light on and Right light flash slowly.
11. Right light on and Left light flash slowly.
12. Left and Right lights on.

1 SET Strobe Light

Customer reviews(136)

  • 616
  • November 6, 2017
  • Received this yesterday and tested fully both in the daylight and at night. May not be as bright as the name brand $100+ lights on the market, but it does what it says.
    Is it bright enough? Well lets just say you wouldn't want to look at it for very long. Yes, it's that bright.
    It has 12 different flash modes with number 12 being a steady burn. The lighter plug comes at the end of a nice length of wire, and the plug itself has a red push button on-off switch with no indicator light.
    The flash head does have it's own on-off switch but it doesn't need to be pushed each time the light is turned on from the lighter plug. Once "on" is selected at the head, power is controlled from the switch on the plug. Nice touch!
    The straps for mounting on the visor are Velcro adjustable for different size visors.
    Although made of plastic, if this light holds up for some time, it's well worth the price.
  • Jason
  • December 12, 2016
  • This light isn't as bright as the newest Whelen or Feniex lights, but brighter than first generation LED products. I have no way of measuring the light output, but I estimate it is on par with my older TIR3 Whelen Slimlighter. For the price, it can't be beat.

    The best feature of this newer version of the light is that the power is controlled from the lighter plug switch, not the light itself. Earlier versions required the power to be activated from the lighter plug switch first, then the power control on the face of the light. If you decided to hardwire this instead of using the lighter plug, you would need to provide another power switch, as the one on the face of the light has been wired at the factory to "always on". The section of flash patterns is also done from the controls on the face of the light.

    The only strange thing I have noticed with this light is that the light takes about half a second to remember the saved flash pattern when first powered on. During this time, both LED panels are on "steady" at about 50% brightness. Like I said, it is only half a second and not really an issue. It is just different than other lights I have used.

    The light comes with two nylon straps for attaching it to your mirror. It also has small holes in the frame where you could permanently screw it to an interior surface or homemade bracket.
  • R. Vodra
  • August 21, 2018
  • Velcro strap was installed backwards, so could not attach to sun visor. Took it apart, reinstalled straps, and then one of the lights did not work (one half). Investigating further I found that the wires that connect the circuit board with LED's to the control box are not soldered in or attached in anyway, or were not attached well enough to stay in place. When I realized it would not work on my visor, I took it apart to turn the straps around. This meant that the "fuzzy" part was not against the circuit board, needed a piece of plastic or something on there to allow it to move without pulling on the board.

    Gets two stars however for good customer service. Emailed company about problem, they asked for some pictures which I sent. They asked if I wanted a refund or replacement, and I said replacement if they had one with the velcro on correct, and the person said she checked several and all the ones they pulled were on backwards. She said to keep it (since half does not work went to the trash, but saved me a trip to the post office), and refunded my money. Have ordered one (looks the same) from another company, so hopefully that one will have straps connected right, Really like the visor light, had one for about 15 years, finally died (old tube strobe), so hopefully will get one that will work.
  • Roger O
  • August 17, 2015
  • I ordered 2 of these lights for my SUVs as I am a volunteer EMT. The lights work, however the sun visor attachment straps were put on upside down on one of them, and cut through making them useless on the other. In both cases, I needed to take apart the units and fix them. Not a big deal, but not expected on a new light. In addition, several of the LED's do not work in the panels. Again, not a major factor, as it does not seem to make the display dimmer, but I expected every LED to light on a new item. Overall, the panels do indeed work, but would not recommend them to anyone else. I am certain that there are other light panels that are similar that can be purchased with everything working as expected out of the box. By the way, other reviews mentioned very short power supply cords, I did not find this a problem, and only required stretching the cord a bit to easily fit to the 12v accessory socket.
  • Alexis
  • November 18, 2016
  • I like it. Easy to use, light is very bright and have 12 patterns. I don't understand why other users say they need to power up the unit in the connector and then in the unit itself. I don't need to do that. I just press the button in the connector and this is it!
  • Smalls*
  • October 19, 2018
  • I wish I could give this product four stars But it has a few issues… This is perfect for night time, not so great for daytime. The white light is superbright! The red light is barely visible. This is old generation LED. Also the visor straps came installed backwards so you cannot tighten it down. I was however able to make it work. Other than that, all of the features work perfectly, and the light is very dependable.
  • Alvyn
  • May 13, 2014
  • This unit is exactly what I wanted. I have it mounted in a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. It fits perfectly and securely to the passenger side sun visor. When the visor is down, the power cord reaches the aux. DC plug without having to stretch. The flash choices should fit any need.
    Now for the really good part. This unit is bright, extremely bight. I could not look directly at it when cycling thru the flash options. It not only hurt my eyes, it made me dizzy. Being so bright, I was worried about light reflecting back from the windshield. Not to worry, it doesn't reflect back at all.
    I would buy another in a heartbeat.
  • R Baerny
  • December 6, 2016
  • Super light for the money! Man does it project the light. I purchased this light to be able to find my truck at night when i am digging razor clams on the beach. Sometimes you are a 1/4 mile from the truck, and it's really dark and you can't see your vehicle without a homing point. This is just the ticket.