Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k White Gold Medium 1 Pair UEZB14KW-M
Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k White Gold Medium 1 Pair UEZB14KW-M
Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k White Gold Medium 1 Pair UEZB14KW-M
Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k White Gold Medium 1 Pair UEZB14KW-M

Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k White Gold Medium 1 Pair UEZB14KW-M

  • Customer reviews(414)
$9.54*Sale Price
:Large - 1 Pair

Color:14K White Gold


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  • Comfortable; Fits Most Earrings; Extremely Strong and Secure Grip; Retains the Original Gripping Strength
  • Nickel Free; Hypoallergenic; High Grade Soft Silicone; Non Latex; Should not Cause Skin Irritation
  • Ideal Drooping Earring Support; Prevents Stretched Piercings; Solution for Stretched Earlobes
  • Authentic Universal EZback Patented Product; Superior Quality Compared to Copies; Comes in branded Massete packaging
  • Diameter 9.2 millimeters or 0.36 inches; Height 6.5 millimeters or 0.26 inches

Customer reviews(414)

  • LuckyFeather
  • April 19, 2017
  • I purchased the medium size in 14k gold. One backing was good, but the other had a hole in the back allowing post to come through. I bought these as a gift for a girl who likes sports, and the whole idea was to protect her from the sharp post end. She also likes to sleep on them. They seem to grip a standard size post well.
    Pictured are typical standard CZ $20 earrings from Walmart. I measured the thickness and length of the posts on these earrings for your comparison.
    Thickness of posts pictured measure .033" or .85mm
    Length of posts pictures measure .415" or 10.55mm
    These backings grip this size post nicely.

    I will contact the company to see if I can get a replacement for the one with the hole in it. I will follow up.

    Follow up: 1 day later: Timely customer service. The company will accept these back, but they said to order the large size if I want the post covered by silicone all the way. Which I think I will do.

    Overall I think these work great. They are comfortable and especially nice people with thin earlobes and need a little support behind the earring, but the standard plastic backings are too large. Also nice to sleep in.
    I would recommend them, but they are a little pricey.
  • Gentle Reader
  • March 2, 2014
  • I have extremely sensitive skin, so I have to use gold earring posts and backs. These are very nice, but overpriced for what you get so I deducted one star. They basically are butterfly friction backs completely enclosed in silicone. One feature I've not seen on similar items that the earring post itself fits into the end, so provided your post itself isn't too long, these should prevent your skin getting stabbed by your posts when you sleep.

    I purchased both yellow and white gold types in large and one pair in medium yellow gold. Honestly there isn't much gold in there and you can't really see it anyway for the silicone, so I wouldn't worry about trying to match colors with your earrings. I liked the large size best, as they are the same size as most of the "hypoallergic" bullet types (plastic disks over base metal). The medium were okay, but feel they will not work as well for stabilizing heavier earrings. I can't even imagine how tiny the "small" size must be!

    These seem to grip earring posts well and I feel that they will also maintain their shape due to the silicone. Over the years, I've tried a variety of backs to act as stabilizers in plastic and rubber. Most of the softer ones eventually stretched out over time. The ones with hard plastic discs didn't stretch out of course, but ones with attached bullets cause my skin to react.

    If you have sensitive ears like me, these are the best option I've seen to both protect your skin and stabilize earrings. NOTE: I'm taking them at their word these are 14K gold. You have to because the earring back itself is completed encased. They come very cheaply packaged, so I am hoping they are solid 14K gold as they claim. So far, no skin reactions here.
  • Gemlovr
  • December 28, 2014
  • These backs solved several problems with a new pr of diamond studs. The back has a large disk on the side that contacts with my ear, so my droopy earring problem was solved. The tip at the end of the post is soft silicone so the posts no longer poke me if I sleep in the earrings (the posts are unusually long.) Finally, it is a regular 14k earring back surrounded by grippy silicone, so the back never feels as if it might accidentally fall off and I might lose my earring. It's a win-win for me and the price isn't bad at all. I love them!
  • T. Toler
  • February 15, 2016
  • I tried these on two different pairs of stud earrings. They felt secure when I first put them on, but within a week of daily use they started falling off and I nearly lost two earrings (of sentimental value). As others have mentioned, it feels like the posts are just fitting into silicon, and apparently that doesn't hold for long. I won't use these again - cheap, basic earring backs are as good or better.
  • Cali-kane
  • July 8, 2015
  • Nothing I've ever used works like these! I have small slim earlobes, so studs usually tilt downward on my ears. Even if the back is pushed tight or screwed on tightly they tilt. So diamond studs lose their effect because they aren't seen fully nor do they catch the light.

    These silicone backs fit snugly and lift the whole earring into alignment so it is in the proper upright position. Your earlobe isn't being suffocated or pinched either. They hold the post securely with a suction type lock so earrings stay in place even while sleeping.
  • Aiko.sy
  • February 22, 2016
  • Do not waste your money on this garbage! I bought both 14k and Sterling Silver and 14k seriously fell apart the same day. Tried adjusting a little bit since its suppose to 14k and size small yet it kept coming off even with with the useless so called silicone thing that's suppose to keep it coming off. Well the dang thing must be 14k aluminum because It sure bent like one a think wire version of a soda can. GARBAGE. TOTAL RIP OFF
  • sanjo
  • June 16, 2014
  • Every pair of earrings should come with a back like this. I have not tried to sleep in these yet. I try to take my earrings out before bed but sometimes forget. Then I am bothered all night with the poking from the stud. These look nice and are easier to put onto the earrings because you have more to hold onto.
  • Customer
  • April 22, 2018
  • I purchased these for my 6 month old. I just had her ears pierced and wanted to help keep the earring back from poking her. I’ve had them on a week now and they have fallen off three times at night in her crib. After the first time I started checking at nightly feedings, the ear almost closed the first time it fell off so I didn’t want that to happen again, also didn’t want her finding it in the crib and get it in her mouth and choke. After pushing them on the second time the earring poked through the rubber coating. The backs feel
    Snug but must wiggle it’s way off. She has not had any allergic reactions or anything, maybe these would work with a different earring but definitely not with hers. For an adult with cheap earrings you don’t want lost, it might work okay. Just be careful pushing it in so the earring doesn’t poke through defeating its purpose.